Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Faulty Faucet

To all of you DIY people out there, this blog is for you.

For the past 3 months our upstairs sink in the bathroom has been running funny, never fully allowing water to come out, only running at a very low pressure. At first I thought it might be a pressure problem within the pipes but had to rule it out when everything else was working fine.

As I was sitting in the living room of my 86 year old plumber, Mr. Leo Hunt, he saw I had plumbing in my eye's, and asked me what the situation was. I explained to him that I needed to buy a new faucet for the upstairs bathroom because the water was barely coming out.

He laughed at me and said he had made a lot of money from people like me who thought they needed to replace a faucet. He looked at me again and said do not buy a new faucet, but when I was to get home to just unscrew the little piece at the tip of the faucet and the water would gush.

I assured him it would have to be a bigger problem than that. He then went on to explain that sediment from the pipes sometimes clog the screen making it impossible for water to pass. By this point I thought he had passed his plumbing prime. So I went home and unscrewed the tip of the faucet and sure enough, just as the wise old plumber had said, the water would gush.

For a $1.50 replacement part, my sink runs as beautiful as the day it was installed. So for all of you DIY people out there...this is a must fix on your own with no need for outside help.

Signed, Splish Splashing!

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